Thomas Gudzowaty & Vieworld.pl

Hi, I started work on Vieworld photo magazine – is a photography magazine focusing mainly on street photography, documentary and photo stories presented in black and white. Anyone who wants be into Vieworld go to “JOIN” on the website.

For more information, please visit: vieworld.pl
Feel free also to track Vieworld fanpage


Other news with Woodstock Festival series! I found myself in the final nine of the photo contest called “Design Factory” (polish: Projekt Przetwórnia)!  What is it? Feel free to Krakow (Poland) on Sunday. Thomas Gudzowaty will meet with finalists of this competition. After a public analysis of their photos and conversations with them he will choose three people. Thomas will be working as a curator of the exhibition with these 3 people!

More info: gallery of final nine

Thomas Gudzowaty:

Born in 1971. He obtained a degree in law at the University of Warsaw. Among his interests are humanistic photography and the classic form of the black and white photo-essay. He began with nature photography and then turned to social documentary and for the last few years he has been focusing on sports photography. His photos have been published in L’Equipe, The Guardian, Forbes, Time and Photo and he is also the author of several albums. He is a multiple winner of the most important photography contests, among others the World Press PhotoPictures of the Year, NPPA Best of Photojournalism. He cooperates with Focus Fotoagentur in Hamburg and Warsaw’s Yours Gallery.